Under God
Under Allah
Under the Dollar
Under Venus
Under Moses
Under the Buddha
Under Krishna
Under the Holy Dali Lamas
Under Odin
Under Jesus, Mary, Joseph & St. Jude
Under all the imperfectly perfect deviants of the sky
Under all those who beg alone on their knees to believe
Under all those who had their being aborted into nothingness
Under all those whose bodies have been ravaged & misused
Under all those who were sacrificed in the name of the deity of petroleum
Under all those who ended themselves because their love was condemned
Under all those who de-vowed away the dignity of another in hopes of castrating their own envy
Under all those who never ponder absurd beauty or meaningless meaning
Under all those whose hopes & ideals were buried under self pity & stagnation
May all those sleep quietly within our dreams,
Within the ideal
Their love, eternal,
Carried by all those who look above.