Devil not on my shoulder

The devil sits not on my shoulder
nor an angel on the other,
neither does God live upstairs.

To the contrary, the devil collects no dues
and won’t be caught dead at a crossroads,
nor is God found in any building
let alone a book or wafer.

You, me, and the devil do not make three;
same goes for Jesus, his dad, and the blessed mirage.

No, they are all the same,
they are what we wish to be or not be;
ideals of ideas existing in our mind’s eye.

They live not in some distant place but within us, everyone.

Each of us is Lucifer and Lord,
Creator and Destroyer;
we all walk amongst heaven, hell, and purgatory
and live to tell the tale…

Until we don’t,
which isn’t to say we cease to be,
only take a different shape
and then do it all again, just slightly differently.